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Mar 19, 2015
  • If I collected my urine sample using a soda or milk bottle, does it work? 

    No, it doesn’t because these kind of bottles have lots of chemical wastes which can chance components’ viability or structure gotten from urinary sediments.

  • Why does the urine sample have to be collected in a purified water bottle with specific features? 

    Because it’s a clean container and organic substances-free that could chance components’ viability or structure gotten from urinary sediments.

  • Why can’t I use blue label alcohol? 

    Because this kind of industrial use alcohol could denature urinary sediments’ components.

  • Is alcohol used for sanitizing container, or what for? 

    Its real function is preserving urinary sediments’ components.

  • How many days can I save my sample if I can’t take it after the third day collecting? 

    At the most of three days keeping a cool atmosphere.

  • Does my urine sample works if it has a white skin at depths bottle where I collected it? 

    Yes, it does because that white skin is the urinary sediment which antigens are extracted.

  • Does it work if I can’t collect a quarter of urine sample? 

    Yes, it does.

  • Can I collected urine sample if I’m taking a medication? 

    Yes, you can; with the exception of medication changes urine’s color.

  • Does it work if I just collected my urine sample during two days? 

    Yes, it does; but antigens’ gathering is decreased.

  • What does the inmunological response modulator work for? 

    As the name suggests, it’s formed by molecules with inmunological activity which are recovered by patient’s urine sediments and it works for balancing inflammatory response produced by an inmune system’s unusual activity.

  • How old have I to be for starting this treatment? 

    Since three months old.

  • Is this treatment identical for all the patients? 

    No, it isn’t. Treatment is individual and based on each patient’s needs.

  • Is this treatment like the allergist one? 

    No, it isn’t. Allergens are applied in allergist treatment and it’s kown as specific inmuno-therapy (ITE). Ruiz Castañeda treatment is based on balancing inmune and inflammatory response ay allogeneic antigens (self-antigens).

  • Is this treatment an alternative medicine way? 

    No, it isn’t. It’s an integral treatment accomplished by qualified and specialized in inmune area doctors.


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