Let’s talk about the asthma

May 16, 2016

The asthma is a breathing system complaint, where aerial channels are swelled and can clock the air discharge. Symptoms in kids and adults could be: wheezing, breath hardly, chest pressure and cough.

The asthma causes could be genetics or allergics. Gnetics ones can be defined when the parents or another direct relatives complains the asthma. In the other hand, allercis asthma is produced by some kind of allergic agents, it means any substance that Inmune system identify them like strangers or dangerous ones, for instance dust, mites, pollen, pets hair, etc.

There are another strange stimulus that can cause an asthma crisis, for example: cold weather, humidity, exersice and stress.

The asthma can appear during childhood so can it during adult stage.

Mexico’s asthma incidence rate is arround 2.78 by 1000 people. In October and January asthma cases increase with another breath illnesses.

The most of asthma cases inside Mexican Republic are sonora, Tamaulipas, Yucatan, Campeche and tabasco States.

The asthma symptoms are:
• Cough with or without sputum (phlegm)
• Skin retraction between ribs while breathing (intercostal retraction)
• Breath hardly that get worse during exercise or physical activity

The asthma hasn’t cure, but it’s possible to control it. The asthma treatment is about general precautionary mesures (keeping home without dust, using a mask during cold or high-pollution days, being careful with physical activity, etcetera). Inmunotherapy, control medicine, rescue medicine in case of an asthma crisis.

The ‪asthma, like another Inmune System’s complaints are treated in all the Dr. Maximiliano Ruiz Castañeda Allergies and Self Resistance’s branches. Locate your nearer doctor’s office or mobile unit through www.iaamrc.com